What is attractive of Kichijoji?? Check out this amazing questionnaire result!!

On 10th Oct 2015, I conducted a questionnaire to survey “what is the most attractive aspect of Kichijoji?” to subscribers in this blog. I am going to show the amaizing result in this column.



7 popular restaurants that you can’t reserve easily in Kichijoji

In Kichijoji, which is the “food town”, there are some very popular restaurants that are always fully booked. In this column, I would like to share the restaurants that you should especially reserve in advance.



12 souvenirs that community administrator choose who lives in Kichijoji for 25 years

When you visit your frined’s house, there is often a chance to buy souvenirs at Kichijoji. So in this column I(@manaboo_y), who have lived in Kichijoji for 25 years, am going to share you several souvenirs that would definitely be appreciated by a visit in ranking style.


13 stores that you should better go and eat even waiting in line

There are many stores where there is a long line in Kichijyoji. I would like to share you 13 stores where you should better go even you need to wait in line.
※1:Added “a tes souhaits” in 10/22/2015
※2:Added “Circus” and “Mamezou” in 11/25/2015

4 standard meeting places around Kichijoji station

There are 4 standard metting places in Kichijoji station. Where is your meeting spot??

Free Wi-Fi service is now open in Kichijoji!!Where is the area we can use?

Finally, free Wi-Fi service is going to start. Anyone can use it for free.