12 souvenirs that community administrator choose who lives in Kichijoji for 25 years

When you visit your frined’s house, there is often a chance to buy souvenirs at Kichijoji. So in this column I(@manaboo_y), who have lived in Kichijoji for 25 years, am going to share you several souvenirs that would definitely be appreciated by a visit in ranking style.


Ranking of Kichijoji souvenirs that everyone likes to eat

This time, I chose souvenirs that you can not get but Kichijoji. Most of the souvenirs I am going to share is the goods you can get only in Kichijoji or the goods sold by the stores whose main stores are in Kichijoji.

No.12 Mama’s waffle

“mama’s waffle” is the shop specialized in waffle to go and just opened on 9/5/2015 Sat. It has soft and sticky feeling that most waffles do not have. Although you buy it for souvenirs, you become want to eat in the middle.


関連:もちもちして美味すぎ「mama’s waffle」!早速ワッフル買ってみた

mama's waffle
Open Hours 10:00~21:00
Address 1-1-3-101 Kichijojihoncyo Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel     0422-28-5470

No.11 Cream puff with crunchy dough and cinamon flavor

This is cream puff with crunchy dough and cinamon flavor that you can not stop eating. The more you bite, the more maple flavor come after.



Maple House Kichijoji
Opne Hours 10:00~20:00
A regular holiday No scheduled holidays
Address  1-1-6 Kichijojihoncyo Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel      0422-27-2650
HomePage http://www.e-maplehouse.com/shopinfo.html

No.10 Baumkuchen of Baum Kichijoji

This shop which specialized in baumkuchen has just opened on November 2014.

Sugar is coated around baumkuchen. Crunchy sugar and softly baumkuchen make you unable to stop eating.



Baum Kichijoji

Open Hours 10:30~22:30
A Regular Holiday None
Address 1F lemon building 1-2-8 Kichijojihoncyo Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel 0422-22-9681
HomePage http://www.lemondrop.jp/

No.9 “Mochidora with smile mark” Kichijoji limited version

Japanese-style confectionary store “Ginza Akebono” in Atre Kichijoji, whose head office is in Ginza has souvenirs that you can buy only here. And this is “Mochidora” with simle mark. Above all since it has cute appearance, this will make a perfect gift. It is 129 yen including tax.


Ginza Akebono Atre Kichijoji
A Regular Holiday None
Address 1F Main Building Atre Kichijoji 1-1-24 Kichijoji Minamimachi Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel 0422-22-1968
HomePage http://www.ginza-akebono.co.jp/

No.8 Royal Cheese Cake

※Moved to Tachikawa

A cake in right side of the picture is “Royal Cheese Cake”(400 yen excluding tax). It comes from Royal Household of Netherlands, and it uses Beemster’s cheese which is the purveyor to the Royal Household. It seems it has very rich taste, but it has surprisingly light taste and it is really good.


関連:キラリナ王室のチーズケーキで有名「Cheese World」は5ランクのチーズを扱う

Ryubanh Cheese World
Open Hours 10:00~21:00
A Regular Holiday None
Address B1F Kirarina Keiou Kichijoji 2-1-25 Kichijoji Minamimachi Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel 0422-26-6691
HomePage www.cheese-world.jp/

No.7 Lemon Drop

Very popular western sweet shop in Kichijoji, “Lemon Drop”.


Every cake is substantial. The picture above is “Strawberry Torte”, and the strawberry has sweet-sour taste and it goes well with whip cream. Whip cream itself is not so sweet, and is soft and pleasant on the tongue. Sponge is moist and it does not use excessive sugar so that it has not so sweet taste for adults.



Lemon Drop Head Office
Open Hours 10:30~22:30
A Regular Holiday None
Address 1F Lemon Building 1-2-8 Kichijoji Honcho Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel 0422-22-9681
HomePage http://www.lemondrop.jp/

No.6 Karel Capek’s Tea

“Karel Capek” which specialize in tea is famous for package with cute honey bee “Buzzy”.


“Karel Capek” has a variety of teas from harb tea to fruit tea. Package itself will make perfect gift, but moreover, every tea tastes good with its tea leaf. Personally, I recommend “Good Night Herb”.



Karel Capek Kichijoji Rives Head Office
Open Hours 11:00~20:00
Address Rives 1F 2-14-7 Kichijoji Honcho Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel 0422-23-0488
HomePage http://www.karelcapek.co.jp/

No.5 L’EPICURIEN’s sweets

“L’EPICURIEN” is one of the most popular western sweet shop in Kichijoji.


Every cake is good, and if I express its tastes in a word, it is elegant. Madams who live in Kichijoji often go there. These cakes will make the gift for elegant parties.


Open Hours 10:30~19:00
A Regular Holiday Wednesday
Address 1-9-5 Kichijoji Minamimachi Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel 0422-46-6288
HomePage 食べログ参照

No.4 Amane’s Taiyaki with wings

“Amane” is famous for crispy Taiyaki with wings. Once you eat this, you become not able to eat other Taiyaki.



Open Hours 11:00~Closed when it's sold out
A Regular Holiday Irregular
Address Harmonica Allay 1-1-9 Kichijojihoncho Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel 0422-22-3986
HomePage http://www.amane-net.com/

No.3 Kozasa’s bean-jam wafer

“Kozasa” is the standard suvounier in Kichijoji for a long time. Feature of this bean-jam wafer is bean paste with starch syrup. I don’t know the reason but several days later, I become want to eat again. Many people repeat to come, and there is always a line.


Open Hours 10:00~19:30
A Regular Holiday Tuesday
Address 1-1-8 Kichijojihoncho Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel 0422-22-7230
HomePage 食べログ参照

No.2 a tes souhaits’s Mont Blank(Other cakes are also good)

Needless to say, a tes souhaits is one of the most popular cake shop in Tokyo. All of the cakes are good, but Mont Blank is the most famous one. As you can see from the line in front of the store, you can’t stop going there. Suddenly I miss its taste and visit the store to buy one.



a tes souhaits
Open Hours 11:00〜19:00
Address Casa Kichijoji2 3-8-8 Kichijoji Higashicho Musashino Tokyo
Tel 0422-29-0888
HomePage atessouhaits.co.jp

No.1 Satou’s Minch Cutlet

Everyone who lives around Kichijoji knows about Satou’s Minch Cutlet. Those who always give up buying because of a long line, please give it a shot, because it doesn’t take so much time. The best way to eat this is just to eat with nothing. It is really good to eat one that has just been cooked but be careful, don’t eat souvenirs.


Satou Kichijoji
Open Hours 9:00~20:00 ※Selling Minch Cutlet from 10:30
A Regular Holiday None
Address 1-1-8 Kichijojihoncho Musashino-shi Tokyo
Tel 0422-22-3130
HomePage http://www.shop-satou.com/shop01.html

There are lots of other delicious souvenirs in Kichijoji. There are some that I could not share so I will keep on sharing a lot of information of sourverniors that I recommend at Kichijoji Fan Page