What is attractive of Kichijoji?? Check out this amazing questionnaire result!!

On 10th Oct 2015, I conducted a questionnaire to survey “what is the most attractive aspect of Kichijoji?” to subscribers in this blog. I am going to show the amaizing result in this column.


No.1 reason is Inokashira park

I conducted this survey because Kichijoji fell into second place in a ranking “Which city you want to most live in?” and doubts occured to me “what is the attractiveness of Kichijyoji for people who live in Kichijoji?”. Thank you for your corporations, and I would like to show the result. This is not the questionnarie for people in Japan but for people who like Kichijoji or live in Kichijoji.
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Period:10th Oct (Sat)〜17th Oct (Sat)
A survey respondent:People who live in Kichijoji or who like Kichijoji
Valid Responses:770(each people can answer at most three times)

Questionnarie Result

Ranking Item Nubmers Of Votes Obtained Percentage(%)
1 Existence of Inokashira Park 147 19.1
2 Convenient for daily life 121 15.7
3 Substantial commercial facility 90 11.7
4 Substantial restaurants 72 9.4
5 Abundant nature 67 8.7
6 Convenience of transporation 59 7.7
7 Safe and relief image 48 6.2
8 Vitality 35 4.5
9 Nostalgic atmospher 31 4.0
10 A quiet residential area 23 3.0
11 People in Kichijoji itself 20 2.6
12 Tight community 15 1.9
13 Stylish 14 1.8
14 High status 9 1.2
15 others 9 1.2
16 Cleaness 5 0.6
17 Up-to-date city 3 0.4
18 Classy 2 0.3

others opinion

In No.15 “others”, opinions were such as……

  • There is a school that I went
  • There are small interesting shops
  • A lot of artists and creaters gather
  • There is/was a lot of identical stop
  • Not a huge city
  • Strong autonomy
  • Nothing special

Comparision wiht the reason “Why I want to live in Kichijoji”.

I found an article about a ranking of the reason why people want to live in Kichijoji in “MAJOR7”,which is a website of new apartments the other day, so I compared with the result of my questionnarie.

Ranking The result of this questionnarie(target:internal people) The result of the article(target:external people)
1 Existence of Inokashira Park Existence of a lot of park
2 Convenient for daily life Substantial commercial facility
3 Substantial commercial facility Convenient for daily life
4 Substantial restaurants Convenience of transporation
5 Abundant nature Abundant nature
6 Convenience of transporation Substantial restaurants
7 Safe and relief image Stylish
8 Vitality Vitality
9 Nostalgic atmospher Favorite transportation line
10 A quiet residential area Cleaness

Sorce of servey:Survey of major7 Vol.23 


I defined people who live in Kichijoji as “internal people” and people who do not live in Kichijoji, who answer the survey, as “external people”, and I could find the difference between of those. However, as you can see from the result of the survey, the result was almost the same. For both of them the existence of “park” has stronger infuence than I expected. The more big city you live in, the more you need a place you can relief. However, the existence of the park could not be the only reason. Looking the reason below rank No.2, convenience is also one of the biggest reasons. Good access to downtown, and convenient for daily life with commercial facilities. So we can say ‘Harmony of nature and convenience’ is the attractiveness of Kichijoji.
Also opinions in ‘others’ such as ‘There are small interesting shops’, ‘A lot of artists and creaters gather’, ‘There is/was a lot of identical shop’ and ‘Not a huge city’ are convincing. Kichijoji has an aspect of a city where many creaters gather. Especially around Tokyu Department, there is a culture that identical shops thrive. Moreover, in terms of ‘Not a huge city’, I also think Kichijoji remains a rural atmospher. Kichijoji is the town where everyone can fit in easily so everyone can feel close to Kichijoji. I think this is also one of the attractiveness of Kichijoji.

Thank you very much for your corporation with answering my questionarie this time. If you have any request of conducting questionarie please post here.Click Here!