13 stores that you should better go and eat even waiting in line

There are many stores where there is a long line in Kichijyoji. I would like to share you 13 stores where you should better go even you need to wait in line.
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Popular foods that you should better eat even waiting in line

I arranged varieties of stores from standard stores that most local people know to the stores that only a few people know! These are the stores just came into the my mind who has lived in Kichijyoji for 25 years.

1. SatonoYado

This is the resutaurant a fish store runs. They always offers really good fish’s set meal. What I always order is yellowtail set meal.


里の宿 – 吉祥寺/定食・食堂 [食べログ]

2.AMT cafe

AMT cafe is the place where female high school and university student always wait in line. The most popular menu is 30cm french toast. I think ham egg’s french toast is good as well as sweet one.



エーエムティー カフェ 吉祥寺店 (AMT cafe) – 吉祥寺/パン・サンドイッチ(その他) [食べログ]

Now there is a trend of AMT cafe in Kichijyoji.

3. Kanekoya

“Kanekoya” is the restaurant which specialized in Tempura. Conger is so huge that it does not fit in ball which is called “Donbury”. Tempura with soft-boiled eggs is also really good. This Tempura restaurant is from Nihonbashi and very popular.



金子屋 吉祥寺店 (カネコヤ) – 吉祥寺/天ぷら [食べログ]

4. Hachijyuuhachiya

“Hahijyuuhachiya” serves us heartful meals which use healthy ingredients. Since they stock vegetables from Kamakura every day, we can have meals which focus on vegetables.




八十八夜 (ハチジュウハチヤ) – 吉祥寺/野菜料理 [食べログ]

5. Chai Break

“Chai Break” is the store of chai and tea and there is always a line for breakfast. Paying for just 540 yen and you can have three kinds of serial, salad, and stocked milk tea as much as you want (on weekends it is 864 yen with cinnamon toast included). Where there is a line in morning around Kichijyoji is only “Kozasa” and here.


チャイブレイク (chai break) – 吉祥寺/紅茶専門店 [食べログ]

6. Talk Back

“Talk Back” is Italian restaurant that have been loved by local people in Kichijyoji for a long time. You can eat very tasty omelet rice with chicken and Japanese butterfish butter roasting at reasonable price with joy.


トーク バック (TALK BACK) – 吉祥寺/ビストロ [食べログ]

7. Mothers

Mothers is the Italian resaurant where I use the most in Kichijyoji. You can eat best pasta than anywhere else. Moreover, service is very good so you can go home in a good feeling. I really recommend you to go.

FullSizeRender (12)


マザーズ 吉祥寺店 (Trattoria e Pizzeria MOTHERS) – 吉祥寺/イタリアン [食べログ]

8. Iseya

Iseya is always crouded both “Iseya kouennten” and “Iseya souhonten”. Great to go back home having a cup of bear and eating yakitori without sitting. Personally I like steamed meat dumpling.


いせや総本店 (いせやそうほんてん) – 吉祥寺/居酒屋 [食べログ]

9. Amurita restaurant

They offer Thai food with reasonable price. You can eat lunch more or less 1000 yen. This restaurant is famous for reasonable menu in kichijyoji.



アムリタ食堂 (アムリタショクドウ) – 吉祥寺/タイ料理 [食べログ]

10. Niku no Satou

Knowing by every one, you can not stop eating mince cutlet. I also buy this cutlet waiting in line, when I become want to eat. Actually, as I writing this article, it makes me want to eat.


サトウ 吉祥寺店 (吉祥寺 さとう) – 吉祥寺/コロッケ・フライ [食べログ]

11. a tes souhaits


There is few people who do not know about this place who live in Kichijyoji. This is No.1 cake shop in Kichijoji and Nishiogikubo area. This shop ranks No.1 of “Tabelog” in Tokyo area. This is really good. Every cake is really good but I recommend Mont Blanc.


アテスウェイ (a tes souhaits) – 吉祥寺/ケーキ [食べログ]

12. Crepe house CIRCUS


“Crepe house CIRCUS” is one of the crepe store which has been loved most by people for a long time in Kichijyoji and there is often a line before the store is open. Crepes are great because it is reasonable, big size and has a lot of cream.


クレープハウスCIRCUS (クレープハウスサーカス) – 吉祥寺/クレープ [食べログ]

13. Mamezou


“Mamezou” ,which is curry restaurant establish in 1978, has been love for a long time. Recently, probably because it was on TV, there is often a long line not with men who like curry but also with young women. It is good and make us relief.
まめ蔵 (マメゾウ) – 吉祥寺/カレーライス [食べログ]

There are other stores where there is a line. I will share you in other chance.